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Andreas Baumann: Live im Windstock

Andreas, René und Christophe Decurtins


Bodeständigi Choscht mit Volksmusik

2011: Vernissage in Altdorf

Simon Lüthi-René Degoumois-Luciano Stampa
mis Schwyzerörgeli
Bei den Spähern

Pius Ruhstaller-René Degoumois
Dää gaat i d'Bei

2010: Ländlertrio Hartmann-Degoumois-Stampa

Andreas Hartmann (Klarinette)

Ländlertrio "DGH"

Hans Gerber & Peter Holdener (Schwyzerörgeli)


Hans Gerber                René Degoumois             Peter Holdener

2005: Andreas Baumann (Klarinette)

Andreas Baumann is a truly sensitive and passionate clarinet player. From the first night René Degoumois and Andreas Baumann met it was as if they had always played together. As René joked, “If I record a trio album with pieces from Kasi Geisser, my dream will have come true and I can stop playing and burn all my instruments,” Andreas simply replied,

Let's record a live CD!”

1999: Ernst Scheurer (Handorgel)

Ernst Scheurer (born in 1928) has played with many musicians during his life. Since 1999, he has also been playing with René Degoumois.

Ernst Scheurer (1928) hat in seinem Leben viel gespielt! (mit Lorenz Giovanneli, Kaspar Muther, Hausi Straub, Turi Brügger, Josias Jenny,...). Seit 1999 spielt er spontan mit René Degoumois.


1993-2002 : Ländlertrio Degoumois-Berra